dnnWeather is a free and open-source weather module for DotNetNuke

From London to Sydney, New York to Paris, display the local 
current and forecast weather conditions in your site.

Features your users will love


Simple and Elegant

Tired of all the clutter and space all the other weather modules take on your page? Well, this one is as clean as you want! From a text only approach to a complete forecast, you choose what and how to display the weather.

Won't slow your page

So you built your code as efficient as you can but you have modules that keep slowing your page to load? dnnWeather module is loaded asyncronously so that your page keeps loading while dnnWeather loads and displays it's data.

Only text - or a template

Maybe you just want to display the weather conditions as text, or use your own icons... You can do this (and more) with dnnWeather: from as simple as it gets to full weather information - but always elegantly presented!

Local... Really local!

French, english, portuguese or chinese? Don't worry with the language as dnnWeather automatically identifies your DotNetNuke portal language and displays the weather information according to it!




Weather icons



Want more stuff?


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Originally this module was built because I needed it for my own use, but as I decided to freely distribute the module, I would really like to know what else would you like to see more on future versions (or what bugs you found on this one). 

Also, if you use the module, please send your website URL - maybe I'll create a site gallery here and link back to you.


But please keep in mind these simple things...

  • Simplicity and elegance never hurt nobody
  • Useful and practical over superfluous and vain
  • The module is free (and also free of ads)
  • I'm doing this after office hours and also have family :)

Free Download

(the ad above support us, but rest assured, no ads will be displayed in the dnnWeather module)

You can download the Install Package or the full source code of the module




If you want to contribute to the development of DNNWeather Open-Source software, please click the following link and donate via PayPal